Thoughts Out Loud

As Humans we have the "right" to express our opinions freely, unless our speech is infringing on someones right, than that isn't freedom of speech, it can turn into hate speech. 

This section of the blog is basically about me sharing my opinion. 

> My intention is not to hurt your feelings, if I do hurt your feelings please contact me ( 

> My opinion may be based on the information I have at hand. It may be biased or I may be more inclined towards one side of the story. If you have more information on the matter PLEASE do share your thoughts, resources with me so I too can improve my knowledge and have a more informed opinion. 

This space allows me to share my "thoughts" with you. I hope to engage in constructive discussion with others :-) 

Click on the links below to be re-directed to the post. :-) 

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