Sunday, 5 July 2015

Update on bad service from Fiji Airways

Since a few of my ever so wonderful family and friends are still checking up on me after the most 'devastating' incident of my life (missing the opportunity to actually receive my Innovative Youth award from her majesty, the Queen) here is what far!! 

Saturday - 20th June I was supposed to fly from Nadi - Sydney - London. This was delayed and long story short, the incompetence of the Fiji Airways staff resulted in me being re-routed to Nadi-Brisbane-Singapore-London for Sunday morning (Side note; the service counter staff told me I couldn't take the Nadi-Aussie-Singapore flight on Saturday because I needed a visa for Singapore!! BS!!!!!!!!) Sunday - my flight was delayed to Sunday evening and no one attended to me in the two hours or so I waited in the lines and ended up not going because no one attended to me and there was no flight leaving that I could take and reach London in time for the award ceremony. 
Now on Monday -22nd June - I get a call from Fiji Airways customer care or something and says she is taking down my 'feedback'. She begins with "Congratulations on receiving your award..." Honey, keep up with the news! I didn't receive anything. 
Tuesday - 23rd June. I called her back the next day to clarify what she was saying about meeting with their team and discussing some kind of compensation offer. The number went to someone in the engineering department. He was giving me a landline number to call back and find the person I wanted to speak to. I told him I don't have a landline nor did I have that much credit to call a landline from my cell, he was going on about what a big company they work for blah blah blah. So I cut in and said.. "You know what, it's ok. Fiji Airways never fails to disappoint. So just leave it." Just as I am about to hang up on him he cuts in and asks for my cell number. within minutes he calls me back with the cell number of the person I wanted to speak with. Why couldn't he do that initially? 
So I spoke with the lady and she called me back a little later saying that she went over the phone recording from Monday and that she gave me her number twice on Monday. 
RED FLAG NUMBER 1: Our conversation was recorded and you didn't disclose this to me. WHY? 
In all my frustration and anger during the Monday conversation I honestly did not pay nay attention to her giving me the number or me noting it down. 
Wednesday 24th June - I get a call from her again and this time she says that either by Wednesday or Thursday afternoon I should get an email from her with my feedback and an offer of compensation from Fiji Airways. Verbally, this offer has been that IF I go to London next year (2016) to receive the award from the Queen then Fiji Airways would like to sponsor my flight. 
(i)My trip was already sponsored by the UK team. The trip was not only to meet with the Queen but to meet with other organizations such as; BBC, twitter, AMV BBDO, CR, youth groups, young women's groups and I was going to see my family!
(ii) What if I am not on the list of medal recipients next year? 
(iii) What if I die before then?
(iv) What if their flights are delayed again? 

Friday - 3rd July. I called the lady again following up on the email. NO She has not sent it yet. A little after my phone cal I receive an email saying that I should receive the email no later then close of business on Tuesday, 7th July. 
Bravo! So much for effective communication. I do wonder what would have happened if I didn't call. 
Would I receive this email at all? 

So it is Monday- 6th July today. And I assume close of business is 5pm. So in some 30 hours I should be receiving this email. 

IN a nut shell- the service at the airport was pathetic. The service over the phone has been less than satisfying. Email communication is snail mail. And I missed out on a huge opportunity for myself and for the future of my youth group. 

This compensation offer better be worth the wait. 

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