Activism; advocacy; empowerment; ARTivism - all part of a daily routine for me. This page is dedicated to just that. 

WOMEN: the female sector making up half of the worlds population yet earning lower, owning less and denied more than the menfolk. 

YOUTH: Young people between the teenage and adulthood stage of life. Youth are defined differently in different places. A challenge I find in Fiji is the age definition of youth. Many communities have 'youth' representatives who are over the age of 35. Some are in their fifties. This bothers me a great deal. I (personally) think that youth should be considered between 18 - 30. From 28 years on wards they should start to transition into adulthood and start to groom the younger ones into the youth field of activism and advocacy. 

I am involved in youth work and community development. This section highlights some of the involvements I have had with community development aspect of my work and some of the training/ forum and activities I attend with a Youth focus. 

Think global. Act local PIANGO workshop (March 2015) UNAOC 6th Global Forum, Bali took place in Indonesia from August 28th - 30th. With the Youth Conference held on the 28th.

UNAOC 6th Global Forum: Application
UNAOC 6th Global Forum: Full forum review

Fiji Young Women's Forum convened in 2013. 

FjYWF (1): Day 1
My guide to voting distribution

IWD:2015 #MakeItHappen

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