Spoken Words

Creativity breeds in many forms. 
Some sing their hearts out, some dance on any space available to them. 
Other paint an image so touching your eyes tear up at the sight of it. 
I am not so talented in any of the above creative art forms. 

Instead I put my ideas, thoughts, grievances and creativity into spoken Words/ poetry. 

I find it as an outlet to share my feelings. 
Not all of my pieces/writings are about my life. I also share the stories of others around me. 
Some pieces are ideals, if only the world was ... 

If you write share your link(s) with me so I can have a read. 
If you have suggestions on how I can improve, please don't hesitate to share. 
I am eager to better my skills :-) 

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Say it like it is

Love, Lie, the End

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Marry My Vagina (video)

Vent (Script)

By Her Side (Script)

What sleep? (Script)

#EverythingIsGoodWithTea (Script)

Oh Misery (Script)

Workaholic Brain (Script)

Windows of change (Script)

Clouds Below (Script)

Familiar Walls (Script)

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