Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Say it like it is

SEX – now that I have your attention let’s talk about some Vocabulation.

It is now 2017 and there some important vocabularies that we still discuss in the darkness of the night, with whispers and code-words like if we said it out loud a nuclear explosion will take place or the aliens will invade OR it will be the end of humanity as we know it.

Tonight’s performance is brought to you by letters:
V – for Vagina
M – for menstruation
P – for pads

Very basic words
Very everyday words
Very real words
Very soft spoken words
Very taboo words
Very hush hush – paint it with unnecessary similes type of words

What is a V-jayjay? Why do we have to call it ‘Down there?’ or her thing? Her private part?
A vagina is a vagina – say it like it is.
Actually, say it with me – VAGINA.

We all know from Basic Science class that girls go through their menstrual cycles every month. It is a natural occurrence.
There is no need to quarantine us from the rest of the class.
Yet, we call it: that time of the month,
Auntie is visiting – hey! My aunt brings me very awesome gifts when she comes. She doesn’t bring me stomach churning cramps. She brings me chocolates and clothes and shoes.

Menstruation's are a living nightmare. Sometimes the cramps are so bad you crawl from your bed to bathroom. So no! That is no aunt visiting. That is a nightmare.
Menstruation's are not happy, daisy, rosy, red flag, aunt visiting. They are what they are – say it with me: MENSTRUATION.

And with menstruation comes the joy of buying sanitary pads. So what I don’t understand is; what’s the big secret surrounding pad?

When we go to buy that one packet of pad why must we buy hundreds of extra, unnecessary things to cover up the sole thing we came to buy?

Here go buy one packet Libra good nights – okkkkaaaay.

Goes into supermarket and buys one 4 corn flakes, 5 Weet-bix, 5 packets of chocolates, 2 bags of rice etc etc. Just so that no one see’s you are buying ONE PACKET of PAD.
Because we all know that if anyone see’s you buy a packet of pad they will know you are fully functioning woman.

Because they will know you are menstruating.
Because they will know your bodily secret.  
But wait- it doesn’t stop there.
Why must the cashier wrap the packet of pads in a thousand newspapers and put it inside a plastic bag?
What is this a vault?

Please enter password.

It is a packet of pad. PAD. PAD.
Now say it with me – PAD.

We are in 2017! Cutting edge technology available.
Progressive societies and we still hush these words.

Why? I don’t know about you but I find that when I say these words as they are I feel more empowered. So I urge all my ladies out there and men too – say it like it is!


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