herRoyal youtube channel shares videos from events she attends; advocacy topics she feels passionate about; reviews of places, movies and even events and so much more. 

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Say it like it is
FjFW16 Model Interview
FjFW16 Interview with Epeli
FJFW16 Resort wear show
Are you the 2017 QYL?
Na Koro Market 1
QYL Update 1 
The residential week concludes 
After receiving the award 
Going to meet her Majesty, the Queen
Vlog 16: Jenesys_Ueda (Fire Department and castle Park)
Vlog 15: Jenesys 2015_Snow Activity
Vlog 14: Jenesys 2015: Science museum, Sansoji Temple & Road trip
Vlog 13: Orientation (Jenesys_2015)
Vlog 12: Getting to Japan
Vlog 11: (ACT) Youth Day 2015
Vlog 10.2: Missed opportunity QYL
Vlog 10.1: Miss opportunity (QYL)
Vlog 9: All packed for QYL
spoken words: Free
Spoken words: Marry my vagina
Break the Chain_at my heena night
OBR 2014: Spoken words - Emotional Vagina
vlog 7: Tea Journal
vlog 6.3: Day 1 6th UNAOC global conference
vlog 6.2: Day 1 6th UNAOC global conference
vlog 6.1: Day 1 6th UNOAC global conference
vlog 5: Tourist in Bali
vlog 4: Getting to Bali
vlog 3: MG2V distribution
vlog 2: MG2V launch and prayer vigil
vlog 1: welcome to the World of herRoyal

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