A big warm welcome to the WORLD of HerRoyal Bano. My name is ELISHA BANO and I reside in beautiful Fiji. My great grandparents came to Fiji some 100 years ago from India. Their roots are in Peshawar and Punjab but I have no connection with any family there. Both my parents are very supportive of the work I do and I love them for their support and guidance. I have one younger sister who is an awesome graphic designer and creative illustrator. My husband lives in his world of I.T, soccer, rugby and games (you know those xbox, PS and PC games and now smartphone games too). Needless to say these are my Primary sources of SUPPORT. 

Growing up I changed a few schools here and there and was bullied a lot because I was short, new girl, had short hair, spoke too much and too loud. My lunch would be stolen, my books missing, my seat taken and the horrors wouldn't stop. The worst was when Teachers would bully you. By the time I reached high school and almost everyone had a fresh start here I decided NO was NO! Time to stand up against bully. And a tiny advocate/activist in me was born. I didn't realize this back than but now when I think about it I am happy I stood up for myself and for others. 

Suva is the Capital of Fiji and it does present one with many opportunities. This blog is a means of me keeping a log of some of the opportunities and experiences I have had. It enables me share my experiences with you and engage in discussions with others. 

The various tabs in this blog are a way for me to put my blogs into categories and make navigation easier for you. If you have recommendations on how I can make the blog simpler do let me know. If something isn't clear in the blog do post a comment and I will try my best to clarify for you. 

I look forward to developing this new network and community via e-space and thanks for reading :-)

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