Thursday, 12 February 2015

Spoken Words:#Everything Is Good With Tea

Hashtag: Everything Is Good With Tea

A cup of hot water
Half a tea spoon of sugar
Two slices of ginger
Quick dip of a tea bag

Instant satisfaction!!
My daily dose of Cha!

Pot on the stove
Boil the water
Add the sugar
Grate in some ginger
Add a pinch of tea leaves
And bring to simmer

Good old stove slaved satisfaction
My daily dose of Cha!

Enter the food court
Find the restaurant
Pay a dollar (sometimes more)
Ek cup cha
Ek sugar

Lunch time maddens
My daily dose of Cha!

Working all day
Forget you are human
Tea time rumbles
Tummy grumbles
Hot water from the urn
Sugar from the sachet
Tea bag dipped

Afternoon tea time
My daily dose of Cha!

At least once in a day
Or withdrawal symptoms I have
Tried to give it up once
56 hours is all it took

Crawling to the kitchen I went
Biting nails as the tea brewed

Oggling eyes it looked
Very hot sip I took

My madness
My daily dose of Cha!

*PS: Cha= Tea; ek= One.

My hash tag: Everything Is Good With Tea.

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