Sunday, 3 May 2015

Health Care: Something is wrong.

While health care is one of the most important sectors in our society, it is not doing so well. Some departments dont have the proper resources, staff are underpaid, departments dont have the experts or simply lack of passion for the job (maybe).
Below are five experiences of people I know a little too well. They incidents have more depth but I have been very brief with the incidents. Our health care (Government and Private) can do with a lot better.

A 31 year old young man past away in Lautoka hospital in early Feb this year. He was admitted for 7 days and the doctors took blood daily to do tests to find out what was wrong with him. When he past away on the 7th day the doctor told his aunt he died of 90% Cancer and on the death certificate they wrote the cause of death as Anemia...
Something is fishy in all of that....!! Very fishy.
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-the same aunt had an eye injury a few weeks after her nephews death. Rushs to emergency at Ltk hospital with blood all over her face and dripping down her clothes. Attending nurse asks her if she has a number!!!
#noNumberNoService #Emergency
Last year my friend was admitted in Lautoka hospital with a ruptured appendix and they told her she had gastric. They operated on her and figired out it was ruptured appendix. Stitched her back up and operated again for appendix. Less than 24 hours her first operation (the wrong one) was infected. She was in ICU (Ltk and Suva) for over a week.
Two years ago someone I know very closely went to Private hospital and was misdiagnosed. She had an asthma attack and the doctor didnt pick on that. While attending to her the doctor was also taking calls and dischssing a different patient over the phone with someone else. ETHICS. Where art thee??? The doctor Gave her a bunch of medications with two days sick leave and sent her home. Next day she was breathing problems a d was taken back to the doctor. Different doctor sees her this time and gives totally different medications. 3rd day she has breathing problems again, taken back to hospital and is admitted for 3days. Doctor keeps saying we are doing tests and nlt sure whats wrong yet. She discharged after third day in hospital. A week later when she goes back for review the doctor says the oxygen count in your blood was high.
A few years ago I met an ex-supervisor of mine. She looked unwell so I asked her what happened. She wasnt feeling well and went to see a private doctor. Doctor told her that that something (sorry i cant recall what exactly) count in her blood was low by 60%. They injected her to bring the count up by 60%. Gave her some medication amd sent her home. Two days of taking the medications she felt drowsy and her husband took her to the nearest doctor. They told her she had 60% extra of that something in her blood.

what are your experiences with our health care system?

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  1. I am sorry about all those experiences!
    And for the cancer one, anemia is a complication and a reason for death, so I guess the doctor is justified there.