Thursday, 12 February 2015

ToL: Bee Sting

Bee Sting

There is a first time for everything. The nasty things we hope we don't have to encounter ever.
Last Thursday; 27th Nov; we were on a little island doing a photo-shoot with the Miss world Supermodel contestants when two bees stung me.
Yeah not one but two! The pain was, painful! It felt like someone slapped my upper right back from shoulder down with something heavy. Like some type of  impact pain. The models were very helpful. One of them ran up and got me a bottle cold water. In the meantime I attempted the only home remedy I knew for a bee sting and that is to rub hair on the area that has been stung. So I did. The cold bottle helped to numb the pain.
On the boat back to mainland Miss. Ireland gave me an ointment that helps when you are bitten by insects. I called mum to find out what I can do to help with the sting (mum in law) mentioned to slice an onion and rub on the stung area. So on went onion on my back.
Friday afternoon and my back was still hurting. This is not usual I am told. So from Pacific Harbor we drove down to Suva Private where the doctor told me a stinger was still there. Ouchie as she used a little needle to dig out what remained.
She gave antibiotics; pain killer and a cream. Now the meds make me sleepy and the pain comes and goes. I have a small plaster patch on my shoulder as I need to keep the "operated" area covered.

If you get stung by a bee;
1) rub the ends of your ponytail on it.
2) rub onion on it.
3) use ointment.
4) see a doctor.

Have you ever been stung by a bee? What did you do?

Wishing you an awesome week ahead :-)

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